Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Greece is falling behind me faster than I ever wanted it to. My parents and myself are on a Superfast ferry taking us to the port of Bari on the Italian coast. The ship is pretty large, with a couple of restaurants and a Disco that I'm sure will be rockin. It's sad to be leaving Greece so quickly. Yesterday we took a ferry called the Flying Dolphin to the island of Hydra which is about an hour away from the port of Athens. It is unique in that they don't allow any cars or bikes on the streets, only donkey. The streets are small and narrow, the houses painted white and blue, and the ouzo is plentiful (not that I would know). Our day consisted of a Greek meal of fresh salad and fish, some swimming off the rocky coast in crystal clear water, a little shopping, and one more Greek meal before riding the flying dolphin back to Athens. It was easy to succomb to the relaxed Island lifestyle. All I needed was some good food, a quick dip in the ocean and a nice breeze and I was set. Our time in Greece was too short, but it will be nice to get to a place where I can semi understand the language. I've wanted to go to Italy and Greece since I was kid. I was fascinated by both Greek and Roman mythology. I remember one time for Christmas I asked for a book about the volcanic eruption in Pompeii in 79 a.d. and now I'll see it for myself. There is something about the Mediterranean life that just gets to you. You stop worrying about the unimportant things, like whether or not my chest hair is showing (haha). I guess pretty soon real life will slap me in the face and I'll have to button up, but until it does I'm gonna savor every moment.
(The trade off for blogging on ship in the Aegean is the internet is slow and there is no way to upload pics from the trip. Lets hope Italy is better)


Camille said...

you have chest hair???!! i guess you are an adult, that makes sense! sounds like a blast. Cynthia had her baby this morning, everything went well, another little baby indian girl...so cute! 7lbs 5 oz and 20 inches. Everyone is good. Lots of love and send pics!

sash said...

I want to go to Hydra! Sounds so neat and my kind of place. I just need a passport, I am still waiting to take my oath. Take lots of pictures and can't wait to see you and the4 parents. love Chantelle