Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here comes the sun

I don't know if its possible to fall in love after a few hours, but man I sure feel something for Greece. We've spent the day walking around the old part of the city and visiting its most recognizable landmark, the Acropolis. There are Olive trees everywhere. The is quiet because its Sunday, but it the stamp of place dominated by the heat and the sun. Everything is open air, and their is a breeze blowing in from the sea. The scooters are plentiful, as are bare shoulders and flip flops. So far the food has been what we could have hoped for. Lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, Feta cheese and olive oil. It has been kind of a trip trying to figure out the language (impossible so far) but most people I talk to speak English. I wish I could describe it better than I have. The Acropolis is overwhelming with humanity. So much of what we believe in as a Western Society game from this area of the World. I think I was made for a place like this. Low-key and warm, with fresh food and friendly faces. So far Athens has been a blast, and we have only seen a part of it. Tomorrow we are heading to the beach for some Mediterranean sun and from there we'll see how it goes.

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Camille said...

Love your post! Send pics of you guys! I am soooo jealous! Are you guys loving it??? No baby for Cynthia yet, everyone is fine we miss you. How were the hotels?